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Ahim Adonai Household Song
By Shawn Scott & Ed Modzelewski
Revised by Greg Paffel and Dave Emrich

(1) He's taken _____ high school bandits from this silly planet and He's made us Ahim Adonai.

(2) With a common vision, there shall be no division. We are one, we are brothers of the Lord.

(3) We try not to stray by praying each day. We're filled with love and peace of our Savior Jesus Christ.


Ahim Adonai, Ahim Adonai, Thank you Jesus for making us Ahim Adonai Brothers of the Lord, Brothers of the Lord, Thank you Jesus for making us Brothers of the Lord

(4) Though we think we're athletic, our winning record is quite pathetic. But that's alright cuz He loves us anyhow.

(5) We can live and be free, cuz we've found our identity. We are a chosen race, a people set apart.

(6) And we have no shame, Though no one can pronounce our name, Listen closely. We are A-him Adon-ai.


(7) We are very aware, if you don't repent you won't be there. Live the law of love or find yourself another home.

(8) Obedient to our teachers, God is raising us up to be preachers. Make straight the valleys, prepare the way of the Lord.

(9) From the world we must be separate, oh these times are getting desperate. We wanna be ready when our master comes again.


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